Is this a pen ?


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A : Is this a pen?
B : No, it is an apple.
A : Oh! Sorry. Apple... it is an apple.
B : Yes, it is an apple.
A : By the way, is it a pen?
B : No! It is an apple!
A : Oh! Sorry! It is an apple!
B : Yes, good. You are smart. Good, good.
A : OK, it is an apple... but is it a pen?
B : Hey you! It is an apple! An Apple!
A : Yes, yes... by the way, is it a pen?
B : Nooo!!! It is an apple! Apple!! Apple!!!
A : OK!! It is a pen!!! Pen!!! Pen!!!
B : NOOOOOOOOO!! NO!!!! Fuck!!! Apple! Apple!! Apple!!! It's an apple!!!!!
A : Wha!? Kiss my ass!! It's fucking pen!! Pen!! A fuckin' pen!! Dammit!!!
B : NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Fuck you! It is an ''apple''!! Fuck!!!!!!
A : FUUUUUUCK!! Fuck you!! Fuckin' Jesus Christ!!!!!! IT'S A FUCKIN' DAMN PEN!!!
B : NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Fuck you!! Fuck you!!! Apple!! Apple!!! Apple!!!!